About us

As a commercial enterprise with limited responsibility (SRL), privately owned and operated Swiso Electric designs, builds and maintains electrical networks, used to supply electricity to customers ranging from residential to commercial venues, administrative buildings and industrial applications. Our main activity revolves around producing and servicing electrical networks; electricity ...


Swiso Electric has an extensive experience in designing, building and servicing of: 1. Airborne low, medium and high voltage long distance supply power lines. 2. Underground low, medium and high voltage long distance supply power lines 3. Airborne and underground power lines for illuminating networks for public and private applications 4. Airborne and underground 0.4 kV connections 5. Mounting transformer cells on posts, on the ground or in concrete or metallic envelopes. 6. Power lines used to supply electricity for industrial or commercial applications, schools, medical facilities, administrative and residential buildings. 7. Private and public electrical circuits used to supply electricity for indoors and/or outdoors illuminating in zones classified for normal use or with increased level of risk of explosion. Serviced venues used for residential, commercial and ...


Swiso Electric has implemented an integrated quality, environmental, health and occupational hazard system based on SR EN ISO 900 :2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2005 and SR OHSAS 18001:2008


Swiso Electric designs, builds and services airborne and underground 0.4 110 kV power lines, connections and transformers plants, power supplies for PLC units and PLC networks, force circuitries, active and ...

Guidelines and strategy

Swiso Electric has established its strategy closely following the guidelines laid out by the quality standards: - establishing coherent long term goals based on continuous improvement of our organization - maintaining ...

Our commitment

As a power house in the Romanian electrical industry, Swiso Electric has reached a high level of customer satisfaction by permanently following the most exigent ISO guidelines and continuously improving its internal ...
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Proiectare, executie, asistenta tehnica, PRAM
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